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Notebook – DREAMCATCHER – A7 paper

16.00 €

Material: High quality plywood

Measurements: 12,5×9,2 cm

inside: standard A7 size paper – can be loose or glued together.


  • Has a back that creates a hinge that can be folded all the way back.
  • Easily changeable paper
  • Clamp for the paper is openable by a standard flathead screwdriver.


Add engraving text

If you’d like to add your favourite quote or a friends name type it below. Text will be added to the front cover.


Product Description

KOOR notebook A7 is meant for people that have a fast paced life and who need to write down thoughts they have as soon as they pop into your head. This notebook works equally well for journalists, waitresses and interns taking notes. As with the A5 size notebook you can also fold back the front cover to create the writing board and when full you can change out the notebook for a standard size A7 paper.




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