Portmoné opens up like a fan
Creditcard holder – Portmoné

Portmoné is a simple but elegant alternative for a wallet.

It is more compact than average wallet and thanks to the elastic rubber waist, it holds more cards than average card holder.

There is a special slot for 2€ or 1€ coin and all Your cash, You can put between the elastic waist.

It suits for someone who appreciates comfort with a little twist.

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Luggage tag

Luggage tag is an accessory that should be on every design aware persons luggage.

Who hasn’t stood at an airport and tried to find the right black suitcase at luggage carrousel? If you have to have something outstanding on your luggage, why not do it stylishly.

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Raisin brown
Phone dock

Small item that is always with you and helps You keep phone up to watch movies or make video calls. It’s made from birch plywood and decorated with vegetable tanned leather ribbon.

It’s a perfect practical gift for modern person.

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Travel case for eyeglasses

Eyeglass travel case is a necessary accessory for every moving person that wears (sun) glasses.

Are You tired of worrying if the glasses You put in Your luggage will survive the travel? Are You sure the big crack was there before?

KOOR wood recommends: Put Your glasses in our wooden travel case before Your flight and never worry about them breaking again.

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Wood & leather wallet
Wood & leather wallet

Thin, precious, stylish, gorgeous, high quality.

These were the keywords for designing this product and we believe that we hit the nail head quite accurately. Wallet was made from a wish to offer an alternative to all this loyalty program insanity. This is a card pouch that can conveniently accommodate 5-6 cards. By adding cards one by one, the leather pocket can be slightly stretched, but the product, however, is aimed at a person whose card collection has only the most important cards.

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