Natural wood protective skin for 15” laptop. Our skins are designed to fot a wide selection of 15” laptops, including Macbook Pro models. This product will protect the lid of the computer from scratches, add grip and some custom style to your device. The protective skin for 15” model measures 340 x 225 mm and can be engraved with any design! A wide selection of woods is available!

KOOR skin attaches to the back of Your device with a thin strip of water based adhesive. To install the skin simply peel back the protective layer from the adhesive, align the cutouts on the skin to Your device and press down firmly. KOOR skin is easily removable and leaves no permanent residue unlike the 3M solvent based adhesives. Although it is possible to reuse the skin after careful removal, it is generally designed to only be used once.

Due to the large amount of work what goes into crafting these skins, we only make them on custom orders. Price varies from 30€ to 65€ depending on the wood type and the complexity of the design. Make sure to contact us at to get Yours!