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We are a woodwork and design company, aiming to bring together design and natural materials to make awesome and ecologically responsible products! Our worksop, where everything, from initial designs to packaging takes place, is located between the pines, at the city limit of Tallinn, Estonia. KOOR wood is founded by people passionate about nature, handcraft and technology. Our aim is to produce beautiful, practical and environmentally responsible products to fit a modern lifestyle. The designs we use are inspired by Nordic style, culture and beautiful nature.  

We are fortunate and very happy to cooperate with many other creative brands. We are also constantly looking for opportunities to cooperate on new ideas, so if You feel like working together on something, or joining our team, do not hesitate to contact us! You can also visit our Facebook fan-page to connect with our team!


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environmentally responsible products

KOOR products are crafted in Estonia from high quality wood. We put great emphasis on the type of wood we use and majority of the material is reclaimed from veneer shops and furniture factories as throw-away waste. It is important to our team that we use environmentally conscious materials and processes not only in our products but also in the packaging and production. We use mixture of natural bees wax and oils to protect our products from moisture and dirt.

high precision craftsmanship

Wood is our main material and it takes a great effort to shape it into the beautiful things that we make. We do not operate an assembly line - our products are individually handcrafted from high quality materials. Each item we make is inspected, measured and guaranteed to fit perfectly. In the world of mobile devices every millimeter counts and we try to match that precision in our craft.

customization and unique projects

With KOOR wood it is easy to let out your artistic side and create precisely the kind of an item you would love to have. Just send us an image and specifications of how You would like to customize any of Your orders. We will sort out the rest! Our team is also ready to create unique woodworking projects based on Your designs! Visit "custom orders" from our home page!

no two trees are alike

Even choosing one of our main designs none will have anything like yours since one of the best properties of natural materials like wood is the life they lived before. Every tree grows and twists very differently depending on the year and conditions, so making an item out of wood is always a surprise since You’ll never know exactly what tone or pattern the finished product will be. Every product we make is unlike any other and so will be the one we make for You!

free shipping globally

For your convenience we offer free expedite shipping around the world, with all purchases from our web store. Our products are shipped from EU, Estonia. Shipping time may wary depending on your location but for items in stock you should be expecting it between 3-14 workdays.

special offers for companies

Why not add a cool wooden skin for all of Your company phones - We can engrave Your company logo for free with all orders of 10+. You can also impress Your clients with our unique and luxurious wooden business cards. We offer discounts on all large offers. Please contact us to get a special offer for Your company. It's possible to pay with an invoice!